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—Journal des élèves nº11 – 17 Mars 2016 — —Conectado: L'info qu'il nous faut —

Unforgettable Butterflies


Violence against women is a reality. This violence has always existed. Women die every day under the knocks. But, it’s not only the physical violence, the psychological violence is also dangerous.

Violence against women exists in a lot of countries. It’s a reality in poor countries and rich countries. We find it in all sectors of society, in poor families and rich families.

United Nations, in 1999, decided that November the 25th would be the international day for the elimination on violence against women.

Why November the 25th ?

In 1960, three sisters, the Mirabal sisters, opposed to the dictator of Dominican Republic, Rafael Trujillo. He made them imprisoned, tortured, then he release them. But he asked his police to kill them. Four members of « Servicio Intelligencia Militar » fired at the car of three sisters. They brutally killed them. The Mirabal sisters became the « Unforgettable Butterflies »



Anna Fornsubirà 4eB



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